Trinity United Methodist Church
Thursday, September 21, 2023
You are the LIGHT of the WORLD
Requirements For Officers:
  1. Member in good standing (per Discipline)
  2. Attend worship regularly
  3. Involved in Sunday School or Bible Study
  4. Attend all meetings unless excused.
Information updated October, 2020
Lay Leader/Delegate
Chuck Groger
Lay Equalization Connie Koch/Elaine Hixson
Adm. Council Chair Rob Golenberke
Vice Chair Don Rezek
Secretary  Barb Courtney
At Large Council:  
Bill Otto
Jake Vorisek
Jack Vandervort
Jane Mealy
Nancy Otto
Mission Chair Walt Kennedy
Finance Chair Jane Smith     
Trustee Chair Sandy Klink
Worship Chair Pastor Russ Hixson
SPRC Chair               Charlie Nolan
Education Chair Don Rezek
Outreach Chair Jean Shanley
Youth Leader               
Cecilyann Dilley
Ellie Klink
Treasurer (ex officio) Jane Smith
Lay Delegate (ex officio)    John Sperry
Lay Leader (ex officio)  
Chuck Groger
Darren Mealy
Bobbi Wrataric
Rob Golenberke
Mark Haase
Ginny Trimble
Mike Maso
Frank Mozina
Sandy Klink
Chair Pastor Russ Hixson
 2018 Jean Shanley
 2018 Ruth Anne Ahl
 2019 Debbie Bish
 2019 Darwin Alexander
 2020 Missy Guiney
 2020 Linda Van Honk
Lay Leader Chuck Groger
Chair Barbara Courtney
Judy Groger
Barbara Courtney
Sam Simonette
Amber Gowetski
Todd Turner
Charles Nolan
Janet Ashe
Marlene Lucas
Jean Shanley
Ex-officio: John Sperry
Ellen Rezek- Chair
Jane Mealy
Judy Styborski
Shirley Gowetski
Fallon Bish
Jean Shanley
Mary Loutzenhiser
Connie Koch
Cindy Williams
Sandy Lawrence
Kathy Rial
Karen Hartman                     
Chair   Stephanie Turner
 At Large:   Amy Perrine
    Jane Mealy
    Marlene Lucas
    Pat Stearns
    Denise Maso
    Rosalie Haase
    Michelle Bowman
Youth Pastor   TBD
S.S. Superintendent   TBA
Camp Steward   Tricia Deemer
Craig Guiney - Chair
Elaine Kennedy - Treasurer
Randy Deemer
Mark Haase
Jake and Colleen Moore
Bill Lippert
Walt Kennedy
Kathy Rial
Connie Koch
Dan Mealy
John Sperry
Ruth Anne Ahl- Chair
Pastor Russ Hixson
Pastor Dave Brumagin
Roberta Alexander
Sandy Morian
Nancy Otto
Judy Styborski
Barbara Courtney
Ruth Andel
Nathaniel Turner
Todd Turner
Judy Groger
Chair Jane Smith
Treasurer Jane Smith
Asst. Treasurer John Moyer
Treasurer Emeritus Vivian Perkins
Financial Sec. Jill Burchfield
  Wayne Koch
            Missy Guiney
  Mark Haase
  Laura Mealy
  Marty Ahl 
  Cora Mozina
  Jacquie Lippert
  Ella Klink
Lay Leader: Chuck Groger
Admin. Chair: Rob Golenberke
SPRC Chair/Rep:   Barbara Courtney
Faith Promise/Missions Craig Guiney
Trustees Chair/Rep: Chuck Groger
  Virginia Trimble
  Virginia Warner
  Sandy Morian
Alternates: Betty Stallard
  Judy Groger
           Jane Mealy